Saturday, December 31, 2011


Welcome to the 100st visitor from Spain! Thank you for coming into this small place which is filled with my humble work (at the time I place this posting, it's actually 99 Spanish visitors on the counter, but on the one hand I'm gonna be offline for the rest of the day and on the other hand I intend to 'close the year' in some way).

Well – I've prepared something when I recognized that the amount of Spanish visitors was on the rise. I also wanted to base the whole group of figures, started with another couple of figures – and then, again, the world went upside down.

My oldest son brought a pneumonia back from Kindergarten. He suffered badly for a few days but, as children mostly do, god bless them, he felt better quickly. Not so did I – everything was prepared for a nice, calm christmas with family and friends, but instead it was two days laying on couch and bed for me. After having some days of rest and lots of antibiotics, I'm feeling better again, which does not mean that I again feel fine or fit.

So basing the whole group didn't happen yet. Another thing that I have to do later.
But it's not the only figure group that requires basing until next FIGZ...

Now here they are, Spanish infantry...

...but wait? What are they? Aren't that French uniforms? Aren't they in white and green?

Yes, they are. It's a representation of the regiment Joseph Napoleon.
No, this is no offense. And yes, I like Spain very much. Been there. ;-) 

Let me explain what happened. As I posted somewhere before, I'm doing a long-term project on Bennos' forum: This project is all about painting every variety of the typical pre-Bardin French uniform. This uniform style was worn by armies all over Europe, not only by the French themselves. Spain, Italy, eastern European and German states – the number of possible varieties is enormous. So technically, the HaT set 1808-1812 French Line Infantry includes more than 150 units from all over Europe... it's all in your brush!

I wanted to come forward with this project, while still being able to present some '100 welcome' credit figures. That's not a problem for the French or the Italians, but for the Spanish... I started to find some adequate Napoleonic Spanish infantry, but the Odemars figures were not very convincing. HaT has not released their Spaniards yet, nor was I able to get a test shot from them. 

Well – I made some research and stumbled accross the regiment Joseph Napoleon, recruited from Spanish prisoners of war, a unit with Spanish command language that saw service in various battles from Spain to Germany until 1813. You can read more about the regimental history here:
One could say that this is the only Spanish military unit that served in all major European war theatres until the end of 1813. You can place this unit in almost every major battle - very versatile for the wargamers, I think.

Apart from the usual headswaps that come along when you try to represent different regiments with this HaT set (for example the officer, the drummer, some of the fusiliers) I had to modify the shako plates. First I carved off the original plates and replaced them with new ones that I had carved out of my usual paper tissue/wood glue mixture. 

I hope you all enjoy this little setup of figures!


  1. Nice figures. My own José Napoleon figures are 1/72 ESCII French. Yo can see them at
    Best wishes for 2012!

  2. Ah, thanks for the link! Of course I straightly had a look at it - yours are in the late (full breast) uniforms. Nice paint conversion!

    All the best for you as well!