Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wow! 10.000 views // So here comes the Westphalians...

Thanks a lot for coming here! It's always impressive to see how many people seem to be interested in painted little plastic fellows (and my blog is one of the smallest ones).

Well - today I'm going to show you the first results of my Westphalian cavalry conversion project.
I took the fabulous Strelets French cuirassiers, carve off the horsehair decoration on their helmet crests and replaced them with self-made caterpillars. Just like that.

The Kingdom of Westphalia fielded three cuirassier regiments which belonged to the finest European heavy cavalry of their time. They were all nearly wiped out in Napoleons' terrible campaign in Russia 1812 - only a few of them survived.
These folks represent the 1st cuirassier regiment. I just put these two figures on a piece of wood to have them representable for FIGZ. I'll remove them from this piece of wood for proper basing when I have painted the whole team, which will consist of 6 riders in total.

Same will happen with this guy:
He represents the Lifeguard (or Garde du Corps) regiment.
In addition, I'll have to paint the 2nd regiment fellows, which wore a dress similar to the one of the 1st regiment. Their regimental colours were blue and orange.


  1. Excellent painting! Congrats on reaching 10K too.

  2. Hey Sascha,

    Great work as always and congraulations! I do like the Westphalian cuirassiers' color. It's quite different from other colors of that time.

    Whatever happened to them after 1812?


  3. fantastic conversion mate, yummy it makes me hungry of doing some new sculpting......