Thursday, August 30, 2012

Look what I found here...

Just when I need it the most: ground material for vignettes.

Can you believe that these little buggers lay in a small cabinet in the farthest corner of my parents-in-law's garage for more then three decades?

If all goes well, I can soon present more pictures of finished Spanish infantry. To be exact, I'm about to finish a marching coloumn of Walloon guards and some grenadiers of Zaragoza. But as I'm in parallel working on Francescos' test cast figures ( for the small figure contest at the small scale convention in Heiden (, I have lots of 90% finished figures on my desk - and nothing I can publish at the moment.

Sorry about that. But as a reward, you will get lots of nice pictures in about six weeks when I'm back from Heiden. Btw - I'm going to be there as a part of the guys that will show nice figures and dios at the booth of Bennos' figures forum. So if you like to join us there for a chat, you're very welcome. ;-)
(each chat will keep me from buying tons of new things, so pleeeeeaaaase come and visit us there!)


  1. Hey Sascha!

    Long time no talk my friend! I hope all is well! Very happy you are still painting!! Don't be a stranger, always love to chat and learn from you!


  2. Well - I'm pretty busy, but in general, I shouldn't complain. ;-) Hope you're both well, too. And yes - I should join the chat more often, blame me.