Thursday, November 15, 2012

No. I'm not becoming lazy.

At least I hope so.
I'm currently pretty busy in politics, which keeps me away from other things for some time. On the other hand, I had been busy painting angel heads.

No. I'm not kidding. Comical little faces painted on small wooden balls. Look here:
If anyone thinks that I've gone insane - they are for my mother-in-law. She tinkers little angel puppets and will sell them on a local christmas market. I should have run away when she asked me about painting 'a few faces'. Actually, she brought me a bag full of these wooden marbles.

I hope that she will sell them all. Then it will at least not have been a total waste of time spending evenings to paint all these comical faces. *yawn*

Well - luckily, there was enough time left for continuing my other projects. The Russian hussars are going on well, but I still believe I won't finish a single one of them until the beginnings of next year.
But of course I don't want to just bother you with a handful of wooden marbles. I have completed the first of the new HaT grenadiers. From the front, it doesn't look much spectacular:
But the colourful decorated  cap lapels make them very special in comparizon to other grenadiers of that period - every unit had a unique pattern.
Ah - I love them. The other marching guys will be painted in the colours of other regiments and then be placed side by side on a wooden base. I presume that this will look really great.

So there's more to come. Stay tuned - even if the time between my posts is sometimes very long. ;-)


  1. You gone insane? You paint little plastic figs..what more is there to say ;-D
    The he 1/72nd?

  2. I´ve just realised why I never see that you´ve posted anything on my blog roll...I never added your blog can kick me when next we meet

  3. Oh - that will be a pleasure! ;-)
    Just kidding. :-)

    Yeah, that's a 1/72 Spanish grenadier, HaT pre-release.

  4. Well my man, I can say that´s pretty bloody amazing painting there...the detail on his hat must have taken ages!

    1. Well - actually these figures are much faster to paint then these bloody Russian hussars on my desk. ;-)
      And the backside of the grenadier cap took me an hour of time.

  5. WOW they that figure is very impressive, and colourful. your detailing is something to be admired. I have been looking around the HaT site recently mostly at the nappies ( I am going to do some early Oronegrean stuff) it does appear that Hat is going to be producing some very fine figures. I jutst hope that the test figures, and masters that are coming up are going to look just as good when they come up for sale... painting little woden heads... not insane its just punnishment for not running away soon enough.

    well it does not matter if blog posts are few and far between it makes this blog special as its like "oh here is something different".

    1. Thank you very much. And yes, I didn't start to run when she started "Would it be possible that you do me a little favour..." ;-D

      I agree - the MAC series figures are a great improvement. I already look forward to get some of the forthcoming Prussian Landwehr...

    2. your right the prussians do look good just took a look :-). I am wondering whether to get some napoleonic austrians or some W├╝rttemberg kits. for my imagi-nation of coarse. I do not want to do anywhere near napoleonic uniforms I know I would mess it up in numerous ways. I just wonder which you would recomend... I would changed shakos to tricorns but I just love those hemlets.

  6. That bearskin bag is INSANELY good! Brilliant!

    (And the wooden ball-faces are cute, too)

  7. youve just got a Liebster award follow the link to find out more

  8. Wuao, Its absoluting amazing, I love it