Monday, December 31, 2012

Canada hurray!

Oh - there's one last posting that I have to do for this year.
Regular visitors might remember that once upon a time, I painted a nation-specific figure everytime I got a 100st visitor from a specific country on my blog.

I must confess that I haven't had a closer look on my blog statistics for a while. Additionally, my mind was too occupied with other things so I simply forgot. Well - it's time to re-establish that good tradition.
Because of that, there will be some nation-specific postings within the next weeks, starting with:


Well. Is there anything 'Napoleonic' about Canada? Of course it is!
I painted some conversions of US-soldiers for the 1812 war - now it's time to switch to the Canadian side of the fence:

These guys represent the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada in their early (green) uniform.
I found these uniforms on this blog, which contains tons of valuable uniform pictures for this specific war theatre:

The figures are British Peninsula infantry from HaT. Thanks to Tom for sending me some single figures from that very large set. :-D


(...and the next posting will be something Dutchie... in 2013 ;-))


  1. Ti be honest I would never have thought of canada in terms of the napoleonic period
    Happy new year all the best for 2013

  2. Hurrar!!! the war of 1812, the war in whick the British burnt down the white house :-D a feat that no other nation has accomplished since. I watched some documentuaries about it recently, they were travel programs also for the historical traveller.

    funny that the USA invaded Canada thinking it would be a piece of cake then they get destroyed on the first attempt. Best of all the next thing they know Britain turns up to teach them a lesson.... hehehe thats what you get when you invade a peacful nation that has a mapal leaf as its symbol

  3. A brilliantly executed and unusual subject as always! :D

  4. Wow those figures came out really well. The War of 1812 needs greater historical emphasis than it gets in my humble opinion.