Sunday, June 23, 2013

New hobbyspace opened!

Hey-ho. Finally, the biggest part of renovation is done. Our kitchen is 90% completed, so is the living room. I have now a completely new hobbyspace, much more storage space, a bright painting area besides the window plus a glass showcase so that my figures have no longer to hide inside a closed cabinet.

You cannot imagine how happy I am with that. I'm no longer depending on plastic boxes.

I'm still a little bit low on time - not much time for painting. I have currently the French hussars and some grenadier conversions (Kingdom of Holland) on my desk, hoping to get them finished within the next one or two weeks.

By the way, I finished the Tirailleurs du Po for my pre-Bardin uniform project:

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture of an officer for that unit, therefore it's only a group of three.

Oh - and, as promised, I'd like to present you some pictures of the 33rd French regiment in white uniforms. The grenadier is still missing, I know. I'm still not sure if I paint a bearskin or a shako version - I have pictures of both and I'm yet not sure which one I'd like to take.

 Oh my. These colours! X-D
Well - painting the kingdom of Holland infantry, I'm now facing pink and light purple, which also looks a little bit odd when combined with white. I hope to get these grenadiers ready soon - it will be another great display.


  1. This all looks good!
    Not only the well based miniatures, but also the perfect workspace!
    Enjoy your time there, good luck on all the nice projects who will grow there!

  2. That will be a very nice hobby room.
    The new figures are very well painted. If only that Hat set wasn't so ugly when unpainted.
    For the 33rd, I’d go with the shako; these are much classier.

  3. great stuff and nice room! I am colour blind so the facings don't look to bad to me... good thing I don't paint historical figures from this era I would get them all wrong... they would come out very interesting though.

    -Gowan who are these purple people?
    -French Regulars... I thought it was blue?
    -and the day glow green units?
    -urr I didn't think it was that vivid?

    hmm... best stick to made up nations then.

  4. Looks real good Sascha! The hobby room and the figures!