Monday, October 28, 2013

Short greetings to Peter!

Hey, Peter - that's one for you to give you the proof you're not sending me all those figures for nothing. ;-)

That's why I wanted to have one of these French dragoons - an easy conversion into a mounted Cleve-Berg national guardsman. I only had to add a plume to the helmet and that was it.
I first saw that uniform on the Histofig website and directly loved it - so much white and gold. :-)
Sorry about the sheepskin.


  1. He´s sending you figs!!!!? Where are mine then????
    Great painting..
    Have you seen, the Herne BB toys Event is in December!? here was me getting all geared up for it being in a couple of weeks..and now what will I do????

  2. Well - sometimes, when I need a certain single figure, I ask him for it because he has a huge repertoire of unpainted figs at home. ;-)
    No, haven't noticed it yet but if you're on turkey, I can send you a hundred figures for pre-painting. :-D

  3. Did I send you figures? Me never! I have to convince Paul! :-D
    He looks great Sascha!