Friday, November 15, 2013

Tiroleans - here comes Hofers' band

Back at Heiden, a visitor showed up at the Bennos' forum booth and gave me a little gift:
some brand new casts made of tin. The group of four represents Tiroleans of the Tirolean uprising led by Andreas Hofer against the Bavarian oppressors.

If you like to have your own, you should visit Tom's blog and contact him under

Okay Tom, here they are:
A little bit closer:
And from the backside:
This is a quite unusual subject, because these are villager militiamen wearing typical Tirolean traditional dresses. It took a while to find sources with proper descriptions of the different variations for this region.
I enjoyed painting them, they are well modelled, show all relevant details, with highly detailed faces. Therefore, it's easy to give them character through painting.

Again, I'm noticing that I have turned into the metal figure business quite a lot. In two weeks, there will be another figure trade show in Herne, Germany (1st of December) which I will mainly visit in order to buy more metal figures.

But I will soon come along with some new figures for my long-term project, I promise. Although I begin to doubt that I will fullfill my own plannings that I made at the beginning of this year.
I still have one Swiss regiment to complete and I haven't started with the Italian light infantry and the Joseph Napoleon guard grenadiers. And looking at the calendar, I don't expect to finish them this year, there has benn - again - simply too much other stuff that attracted my attention. :-)


  1. really cool. the detail is wonderful and it's nice to see some non-uniformed guys once in a while. then again they do appear to be wearing local clothing only but then again that is how you make them look like their from a specific place... such as no shoes or gumboots for people from New Zealand... or jandals forgot about that.

    nice work!

  2. Great looking figures and very unusual!

  3. Unusual but beautifull figures! Excellent painted Sascha!