Saturday, June 28, 2014

Some more...

I just have to add another number of figures to my long-run pre-bardin uniform project.
This time, it's French sapper miners and sapper engineers - and yes, they didn't wear that metal armour all the time, especially not in garrison and on march. ;-)

The most spectacular thing about it was, once again, the drummer. The rest is, well, almost blue.

Yesterday I used some quiet moments to modify the figures for completing the last missing Swiss regiment and the voltigeur display for the Isemburg regiment. The 3rd rgt. of Kingdom of Holland light infantry is already painted at 80% - so within the next weeks, I'll try to give this project a new push.

Maybe it's because I need more diversity on my desk. Too much Westphalians in the last few months, you know. I have mounted them on the diorama frame and the first round of ground painting and initial basic ground material installment has been done. Next will be all the grass, tree and flower implementation and then, it's done - the Westphalian diorama is going to be my multi-figure entry for the competition in Heiden, early October 2014. So for more pictures of it, I'm afraid you'll have to wait some more weeks.


  1. Lovely job of these Zed. Hat set 8095 is a good one isn't it?

  2. Thank you, friends! :-)
    Well - I really love that set, although many say that it's somewhat dwarfish-retro-wargaming-style

    There's more to come - I still have 217 varieties left on my list.