Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pre-Bardin: next units

Meanwhile, I've made some more progress in my Pre-Bardin uniform project. Advancing with the Italian units, I hereby present the conscripts of the guard (the guy in the completely green uniform is from the regimental artillery company)...

...and to add some more colour, I also present you the guards of Milano:

Still on my desk are the guard grenadiers, the 1-7th regiment line grenadiers, the coastal guards and the colonial batallion. When I have finished them, it's gonna be 50percent day to the project. :-)

In addition, I have made a decision on how to go on regarding the French reserve companies. I'll create a display with 28 foot soldiers, representing all of the original 28 legions plus an officer and two or three drummers. A 30 figure display will certainly look quite brilliant.

But at first, it's moving time. My family and me will move to a different house on May 1st, so it's less painting and more packing time. Wish me luck that everything will survive that moving action in good shape. 

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