Monday, June 29, 2015

Italian line grenadiers

One by one, I'm completing the Italian section of my Pre-Bardin uniform project.
I just checked the date when I started this project and was stunned that it was almost four years ago.
And I have only painted half of the over 400 figures from my to-do list.

Today, I present you the grenadiers of all seven Italian line infantry regiments of 1812.
Hope you like them.


  1. Wonderful job on these grenadiers, details are outstanding!

  2. Cool photos of those HAT dudes! Will you do other versions when the new MAC sets (the ones with the multiple head swaps)come out in the future? BTW the link to your Pre-Bardin page is not working. All the best!

  3. Oops!
    Now it works. Sry 'bout that.

    Thx to both of you. :-)
    Well - I'll complete the project on basis of this set because it is all about 'what you can do with just one set of the same figures'.
    Which doesn't mean I won't buy some of the new figures. I dislike that rubber plastic stuff that HaT uses for the MAC figures, but it's certainly worth giving them a try - as it would be for the 1/72 Prussian Landwehr. If they ever reach the stores...