Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Some Italians

Meanwhile, the long-term Pre-Bardin-Uniform project continues. I have just finished another more unusual unit: Italian coast guard (cannoniers garde-côtes).
It's not that much that I found out about this unit, except that they were organized at company strength - approximately 120 men - and that the highest given rank among them was sergeant-major. Because of that, I've attached an NCO to the trooper and the drummer.
As no officer was mentioned in the reglementary, I suppose that they stood under the command of a fortification commander or were attached to other units - garrison battalions, for example

Not the most splendid example of work, I know. It's more kinda standard sort of... whatever, they're not that bad anyway - and I have completed another unit. ;-)

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  1. An interesting unit... you learn something new everyday! Nice work, thanks for sharing!