Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hussars all over the place

The end (of the year) is near!
So before I start looking back on how I matched my painting goals for this year, I'd like to present my latest paintwork to you.

After having them on my desk for somewhat over a year, I finally finished the Austrian hussar skirmishers that I got from Francesco (Franznap). I decided to paint them in the colours of the 5th regiment, especially because I liked those red shakos. Regarding the yellow upper rim, I'm still unsure wether that black/yellow pattern is authentic or not - I found both versions on pictures. Maybe someone could help me with that detail?

These are really fine models, as always when it comes up to Franznaps' figures. Most appreciated is the fact that these horses are standing still. In plastic sets, you usually find trotting or gallopping horse poses and I suppose that everyone can imagine what sort of accuracy you can expect when you try shooting a Napoleonic age carbine from horseback while the horse is moving.

I'm still not absolutely sure what to do with these chaps. I have a small diorama in mind, with Austrian hussars, lancers and infantry fighting Baden troops in the woods. We'll see about that, I'm still thinking about the concept.

Talking about concepts, I re-discovered some figures I started to paint quite a long time ago. Three years ago, I thought about a display with figures from all 12 hussar regiments of the Russian army of 1812. I started painting but never finished the whole party. Now I found them in my cabinet. Actually, most of the paintjob is already done. I just thought that I might finish that job next year, what do you think about it? Here are some pictures of the figures that are already finished:

Belarusian regiment...

...fur colour is disputed - was it black or white?

Alexandria regiment

Irkutsk regiment

Olwiopolski regiment

Here I have two different sources regarding the belt - should it be red+white or green+white?
Main problem with them are the different sources. But I still think that - with some corrections concerning the faces - this little project could be worth to be finished. These Zvezda hussars are highly detailed, although I find them hard to paint in concern to all these very small stripes and cords.
And is it just me or are the horses a bit too small and slender for their riders?

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