Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pretepeteeee - HalfTime!

Okay. Let's check the performance according to the 2016 plan I've published back in December. Where do I stand?

The planned agenda was this one:

  • One single- and one multi figure vignette for Heiden ISSC
  • One single-figure vignette for FIGZ
  • Baden jagers (which I must still buy)
  • Completing my 12 Russian-hussar-regiments display
  • 4 other Austrian lancers
  • Voltigeurs and command of the seven Italian line infantry regiments
  • Fusiliers of the Kingdom of Holland line infantry regiments
  • French colonial troops
  • Guards of Venice
  • Garde de Paris, white, green and red uniforms

When I compare that with what has really taken place on my painting desk, the result is rather odd.

  • Voltigeurs and command of the seven Italian line infantry regimetns - CHECK
  • Fusiliers of the Kingdom of Holland line infantry regimentes - CHECK
  • Multi-figure vignette for Heiden ISSC - CHECK
  • Single-figure vignette for FIGZ - CHECK
Well. That's it. The rest lays more or less started around, the Baden Jagers still not bought because of funding troubles (sry, Francesco). Instead, I've done quite a lot of different things:

  • Single figure for Heiden ISSC is ready, base construction has to be done
  • Painted 4 figures for 'special purposes'
  • Finished an Amazon, started 5 others
  • Started to paint two Hoplites just for fun
  • Started a French cantiniere
  • Started four Austrian Hungarian infantrymen
  • Started three Kingdom of Naples king's guard
  • Started two Sachsen-Coburg infantrymen
  • Started four Italian light infantrymen
  • Painted five French infantry casualties and that cornet on the picture above and below
  • Painted a a British light infantry soldier for the Peninsular war period for demonstration 
  • Finished display for French line rgt no. 30 (5 figures)
  • Finished a display with 9 Brunswick foot soldiers
  • Finished the voltigeurs for the 7 Kingdom of Holland line infantry regiments

So it's the same old problem again. Instead of doing the things I had planned, I'm doing everything else. M-)

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