Thursday, January 12, 2017

Short notice: British rifles by Hagen Miniatures

Hey there!
I'm currently finishing some British riflemen I recently bought at Hagen Miniatures.
Hagen offers a range of British riflemen that include standing/resting figures as well as riflemen in marching and fighting poses. What makes them most attractive to me is their rugged look. They wear outworn trousers, patches on their clothes... it all gives them the look of men staying in a battle theatre long enough to have lost that splendid parade look. If you look for realistic figures more then the 'by the book' style, you should give those Rifles a go. ;-)

So this is just the first one in order to give you an idea of how these figures look like when painted. As most people would paint riflemen in the uniform colours of the famous 95th regiment, I decided to paint these chaps in the uniform colours of the Royal 5/60th, which fought with Wellington's troops during the Peninsular campaign.

Here's another one, wearing a non-original legwear. ;-D

I'll show you the other figures when they're ready. I have also started to paint the Baden Jager figures and I'm about to finish some more Italians - unusual stuff this time. ;-)

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