Thursday, March 9, 2017

US generic flag for 1812

Well - I found that it is quite hard to find suitable sources for the different line regiment flags of the US Army of 1812-14. Or maybe I'm just not looking in the right corner of the web? I bought a set of the new Strelets British marching infantry because I like Strelets figures, I wanted to make some paint conversions for the war of 1812 theatre and I wasn't able to get some HaT British. The set contains a flagbearer with a blank flag. Cutting it off in order to replace it with a printed flage would have looked silly because of the flagpole's thickness.

So after not being able to find the original flags for the 16th regiment of the line, I decided to get along with a very generic flag. Maybe you guys could tell me if that's alright or if it is problematic for a reason? Who knows how the regimental colours have looked like? Is there any good source on the web? I'm happy for every help!


  1. They appear to be very generic, the only Variation (and not that much ) being the number and positioning of the stars over the eagle.
    The scroll..I haven´t seen one with a Lorbeerkranz in the middle (?)

    1. This guy (it´s in French ) reckons US 1812 flags are difficult as they don´t exist anymore..(oh..and he has one with the Lorbeerkranz (my bad) scroll design

  2. Thanks, Paul. As far as I have seen, there's not even a book that lists those flags. Strange thing, if you compare that to European armies which documented their colours well back into the 17th century, a thing that US troops seemed to lack back in those days.