Friday, March 2, 2018

Short notice: a desk full of miniatures...

Phew. Pretty busy I am. Not much time for painting I have. Bad this is.😀

My desk is currently filled with lines of soldiers. In fact, I'm trying to brush up at least the half of my Strelets Scots in order to have enough figures for a small vignette. Very time consuming because of all these details. To give you a little highlight, I decided to show you the flagbearer and the bagpiper - two really great figures.
A bit lesser spectacular, nonetheless being nice figures, are the line infantrymen of Baden. I have a couple of these figures here, they're from Franznap who makes astonishingly great miniatures. In fact, these figures were lying here for a year or so. Time to have them completed. Here's three of them as a small preview.
It's that sort of business that I usually don't like - painting larger numbers of figures of the same sort bores me out very quickly, especially because painting sessions become 'paint 12 backpacks in grey, anthrazit and black and then turn to paint a dozend plumes'-sort of thing. Well. I started it. Must finish it.

I hope to present you the completed results soon.


  1. Oh great, The way you painted this bagpipe is very successfull! I think I might buy this set just for this mini, for my musicians serie.