Sunday, November 6, 2011

Distraction en miniature...

Hello folks!

Just returned from the figure trade show in Herne. I bought nothing so special - mainly new hussars and HaT pre-1812 French infantry for my long-time projects. I swapped some figures with Paul who brought me some good stuff for future convertions. Thanks, mate!
So finally I've got a full set of Strelets French hussars. Wow - there are some great dynamic poses in that set. And - because it was a bargain - I got myself a set of Strelets French curassiers as well. Of course I will not paint them in French colours... ;-)

So let me introduce you: dwarfen hussars and gnomish heavy plated cavalry!

They'll soon show up in a painted version. I'm really excited about these sets.

Well... I dunno if this phenomenom is known to all of you. Maybe I'm just the only one who lets himself go with all the nice ideas and projects one could create. I see so many cool new figures on other peoples' blogs. Especially Peter ( and Paul ( are so damn fast in publishing new, great painted figures that I sometimes ask myself how these guys manage to perform in such a way.

I currently feel a bit disappointed about the fact that I let myself being distracted so quickly. The only thing I finished this week was a horse guard messenger from the Strelets allied staff set (see here: It's not that I hadn't got any time at all - it's just that I wasted it on looking endlessly for uniform patterns on the web, painting a bit this and a bit that... Once I had started them, I want at least to finish the rest of the British staff figures I liked the most, but this now leaves me with 9 unfinished figures... another started, but unfinished project: the Wurttemberg grenadiers...

Plus the nearly finished Cleve-Berg infantrymen, a 40% finished Saxon pre-1808 hussar, a Prussian lancer that derived from the Brunswick lancers, a fantasy priestress, a French mounted officer, a Wurttemberg mounted horse artillery sergeant, the reaper, some Highland musicians and a flagbearer for the scottish officer of the Strelets set. A lot of different things which lay on my desk and scream for attention...

I'm feeling as I will never manage to finish all this work simply because of lacking enough time and relaxation to paint them all. Am I alone with this problem? Am I doing something wrong? Do you have any advice for me?



  1. You suffer from the "Oooh, shiny!" distraction complex that seems to be a curse amongst all figure painters at some stage in their life!

    I, for one, am yet to finish General Rowland Hill's 2nd Division, a Royal Marine sea-landing party, a WWII Soviet infantry division and a French Napoleonic Chasseur a Cheval regiment.

    I know how you feel!

    As to how to combat this, I haven't the faintest idea! :-D

  2. Oh - that's a nice description for this effect.
    What a shame that you don't have a solution, too. But I'm looking forward for your Chasseurs a cheval, that's for sure.

    At least it's nice to see that we're not alone... :-)