Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello Germany!

Note down: Welcome to the 100st visitor from Germany!

Ah - thank you so much for visiting my blog and enjoying my humble works.
Well, I know that these figures from Strelets' Prussian staff set are not painted in the best way possible. I painted them more than a year ago and I think one might notice that since then, I have improved my abilities a little bit.

At least I've finished some figures in the meantime. There are some new entries in the ranks of my Strelets British staff set (look here: and I have added a new hussar version made by using the HaT Prussian 1806 hussars set ( Again, I must confess that I'm not happy with the quality of these photos. I have still not found a good place and lighting to make some shots that clearly show all the shading I've brought onto the figures. But the dull moulding mistakes that one cannot remove from the figures is always to be seen of course... it sometimes makes me sick. Well - I'm sure that time will show me an answer to that problem sooner or later. Let's stay optimistic, hum?

I also put some add-ons to my long term pre-1812 French uniform thread on Bennos' forum (, introducing some varieties for the Grand duchy of Cleve-Berg (a Confederacy of the Rhine member state). I'm currently working out a concept on how to base all these single figures in a way that brings them together in a more presentable way. At the time I'm finished with that, I'm going to put all these figures onto my blog as well.


  1. Heyho - solid work on that Prussians.

    Dont get too mad about small errors, but if you'd spend all your time correcting your old models, you would not be able to move on.

    And in the end no one will see the difference on the ganing table.

    Keep it up!

  2. Welcome!
    Thank you for that comment. You're absolutely right! There's too much new stuff on my desk to spend much time in refurbishing the old stuff anyway... :-D