Friday, March 2, 2012

March, it's march!

The ministry od hilarious headlines proudly presents you another splendid example of fashion from the historical mainlands of strange uniforming! Another strange, but true uniform from the colourful collection of the Kingdom of Naples!

Really, friends - I'm not kidding you. These guys in scarlet and white represent the late Velites a cheval - mounted rifles of the illustrious realm of King Murat.
After having a look at all the different colourful uniforms of these kingdoms' soldiers, I sometimes wonder if fashion design was the most popular branch in this area between 1807 and 1815. Or was it just the king who spent too many ours designing new uniforms for his troops?
Well - these guys were mounted rifles. In a time, when most nations' mounted rifles wore uniforms that were rather in a tone of green or blue, these look a bit like parrots.
To be honest, I only found these chaps on Histofig, nowhere else, not even in my book about the Naples army - so I can't really say if this is only their parade dress or if they were also wearing these uniforms on campaign. Which I somehow can't imagine...
Whatever may be the answer to it - at least they make up a really splendid picture, don't they?
These are, which some may have already noticed, from Strelets' set of French hussars.
I love these comical dwarfies - so I'm going to paint some Westphalian, Polish and Italian hussars using this set - and then perhaps all the French hussar regiments in the end.... muahahaha.

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  1. They are some nice little figs you got there Zed. I agree with you on comical dwarves though.