Monday, March 26, 2012

On the workbench...

Hello friends and followers!

Well - looking onto the calendar, I just wonder to where the month may have disappeared. Once again, I realize that I had not painted much this month.
The reason is that my wife brings her business out to the people. For several years, she created creative things for various purposes (wall decorations, cards and decorations for weddings and other celebrations, car and motorcycle decals and all sorts of things made of paper, acrylic glass and plastics). All that was a homebased business - and in the meantime, our place here at home got lesser and lesser. I even had to share my painting table with a 60cm plotter!
In addition, you have to put all things away or keep a good eye on it, or the baby-boy will take it and...

...therefore, it was time to spread the word and bring the business outside. For several weeks, I helped my wife in every available minute, painting toilet tiles, fixing cords on walls, laying laminate, building and moving furniture, transporting all sorts of things...

...but on Wednesday, there'll be the great opening! So wish us luck and me to have more time for painting afterwards. ;-)

Nevertheless, I was able at least to start some new conversions:
The two hussars on the left side are Italians, the cuirassier conversions in the middle are going to be Westphalian cuirassiers (1st rgt. regulars and garde du corps) and the right one is a Prussian cuirassier for the 1813 campaign. All made up from Strelets figures.

The Westphalians required a removal of the horsehair on the crests, which was replaced by a self made caterpillar. For the Prussian, I used a Russians dragoon - that one just needed a little prolongation of the horsehair on the helmet. The horse itself required some additions on the saddle, which I made with the standard paper/woodglue technique.

In the meantime, I have bought all three Strelets French cuirassier sets, so I guess I'm going to build a large number of Westphalians, especially the 2nd regiment of cuirassiers, which has some great colours (blue, orange and red) as well.

Keep up painting!


  1. looks very good !
    your're getting better and better in conversions.
    I like the horse: very well painted!

    Good luck to your wife (and you!) in her new business !!
    (maybe you will show us some of her creations?)

  2. Good luck to you both and keep sharing those figures with us! ;)


  3. good luck with the buisness. I am glad that a weight has been lifted off your sholders. now you can paint the sholders of your figs :-)