Friday, August 10, 2018

Saxon artillery

Short notice: I'm still there. Although I have very little time for painting, I finished a little Set of figures the other day.
I bought a set of the French artillery that Zvezda made for their wargaming-system. And then things went worse...
You can read the whole story on Benno's figures forum - here on my Blog, I just show you the pictures. ;-)


  1. But everyone knows, the saxons didn´t even have gunpowder ..the Normans equally so!!!...oh....those saxons.
    Seriously. they look very good, even though the construction sounds a pain. I like the idea of makers going for more accuracy but if it makes putting the Things together virtually impossible..then is it worth the effort?

    1. That's the most irritating part of it - with everyone having superglue available these days, it's easy enough to glue everything together without that pegs'n holes-s***. And for the gun barrel and the axis/wheels, a small tolerance would have been enough to make everythin easier to assemble. Who knows what was driving them to go the hard way instead...

  2. Great looking artillery, love the officer...

  3. fantastic result though, after a lot of work!

    Herce Salon de Guerre

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