Monday, December 31, 2018

Year's end

Well. That was it. Swoosh - 2018 is almost dead and gone. Freaking quick, the year passed by.

Unfortunately, this year became so much filled with business, politics and kid's sports that there had been almost no time at all for the hobby. Nevertheless, I have still not given up. There's a bunch of 25mm French hussars on my desk which I work on every now and then, plus I couldn't withstand to place an order on the new Strelets Prussian Landwehr sets. I've been waiting for years for good plastic Landwehr, so let's see how good they really are - and I promise that there's an unboxing article coming up in January.

As the next year will presumably not be much lesser busy then this year was, I don't make any painting plans this time - it would just put me under unnecessary stress. What we all don't need is unnecessary stress. ;-)

The only thing I can promise is that I'm not out of the hobby and that I'll keep up with what I'm doing - just way more slower then I did in the last years. And by the end of 2020, things are going to be much easier then today.

So for now, I wish all of you a good, healthy and happy new year. Make 2019 your year, folks!


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