Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

Can you believe it? It's Easter 2013 and we have snow outside!
I cannot remember there was any easter in my lifetime with snow, even if it's not very much snow.

In addition, my wife took away my camera and cannot remember where she has left it. Probably my baby son has stolen away the camera and put it into some secret place. As he has, for example, done with the bathroom keys some days ago. It took an hour to locate them and a strong magnet to get them out of their hiding place again - behind a commode with a 100litre aquarium on top of it.

Well. I have no photos for you today. ;-)

And that's quite a mess because I made some good progress with my pre-Bardin project recently. I finished the Naples guard velites I found on Histofig, finished Kingdom of Holland guard grenadier&jaeger, another 1809 Italian light infantry carabinier and a 1st provisional Croatian regiment grenadier. This sums up to a total of 95 finished figures for that project.

Okay - the bad news is that it leaves me with 190 figures still to be done.

I've just prepainted another three Croatians and five figures to be 'the real McCoy' - typical French line infantry. In fact, it looks like I'm quite 'in plan' when I look on the list of the things I defined as my 'painting goal' for 2013. This makes me feel quite good. I will probably also get done with those damn Russian hussars - with which I'm 'half way through' so to say. These chaps look really brilliant, but I must force myself to continue painting them every now and then because it's no real fun to paint hussars.

Hopefully, I'll make it to FIGZ in Arnhem this year. I've prepared a funny little vignette for the competitions and I also have something decorative for the multi-figure table (although it will certainly be no award-winner, but who cares?).


  1. Happy easter matey.
    Herne....Where were you?

    1. Er - I was there, where were you? Me and my family were there from the start and for... at least 1,5 hours. I made a fourth look around the hall just to check wether you or some other known guys were around - but didn't see anyone. :-( Wish me luck that I have free time for FIGZ!

  2. Happy Easter to all. Sounds like you are making progress.