Saturday, March 16, 2013

Prussia declares war on the French Empire!

On this very day, exactly 200 years ago, Prussia declared war on France. When you paint almost only figures from the Napoleonic period, you logically read books and articles about that time - therefore, dates like this are of more interest for you then they are for other people.

This year, 1813, marks the beginning of the so-called liberation war, the war which, after the whipeout of Napoleons grand army in Russia the winter before, would culminate in the battle of Leipzig and the road to Paris. This war, fought on the eastern side by the major allies Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden against Napoleon Bonaparte and his allies, marked the end of Napoleons reign over Europe.

Well... for me, it's going a bit so-so these days. With a little luck I was able to realise a little motive which might fit for this years' competitions at FIGZ - that means: if I find the time to go there, which would certainly be nice.

The other projects are evolving slower then intended. I still have only finished half the number of hussars that I need. Maybe it's because of these ohter figures on my desk... Kingdom of Holland guards, Naples chasseurs, Croatians... there are far too many units to be painted, aren't they?

Whatever. Today, it's figure trade show at Herne. I guess I'm going over just to have a look at what's new, look for some single figures and have a chat with some good guys. So hopefully, this is going to be a great day. Enjoy!


  1. I hope that you have had a good day, and that the road you set out on now will be just as great as the one the Prussians set out on 200 years ago.

  2. Cool reminder of an important date. I know what you mean about being distracted while painting. I have managed to be half way through units of Russian infantry, uhlans and hussars all at the same time.